Types of treatment


Acupuncturists have traditionally always used heat in the treatment room, often involving the burning of herbs either directly on the skin or via dishes on the needle. Ancient texts describe this technique as 'warming the room before the guest enters'; a delightful notion where the heat was seen as an act of hospitality.

Sadly, smoke alarms and burning herbs are not compatible! Holly's solution to the problem: train in hot stone massage techniques and adapt these for use with acupuncture.

And what a wonderful solution it has proved to be!

Holly's approach is to combine hot stone bodywork with her knowledged of anatomy, muscle groups, meridian pathways and massage techniques. It is used either in conjunction with acupuncture or on it's own.

She calls it Acu-Stones and believes she is the first acupuncturist in the country to use this approach.

The stones are used to warm and stimulate meridian channels, focusing on acupuncture points and work tense muscle groups, thereby releasing 'holding patterns'.

Acu-stones is also a portable treatment, useful for home visits. Indeed, this method is incredibly versatile and can be used for patients who can't lie down or stay in one position for long. Acu-Stones is also ideally suited for treating stiffness and achieving increased mobility in necks, shoulders, hips and backs.