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Fertility & pregnancy

"I have a strong commitment to preventative healthcare. The majority of women I see for fertility treatment come to me in their 30's. Usually these women had no idea they had problems which might prevent them conceiving. Sadly, by this stage time is running short and IVF treatment becomes the commonest option. My work becomes an adjunct to this process.

"However, I often feel it could have been avoided.

"During the initial consultation and case history often a common theme occurs - alot of these women had menstrual problems stemming back to teenagehood which were never resolved. Many had irregular or painful periods very often resulting in being put on medications, such as the Pill for most of their adult life. It is possible this approach has simply masked a problem rather than resolving it. Acupuncture treatment alot to offer younger women who are experiencing menstrual problems. Menstruation isn't a disease, it is necessary part of a womens precious fertility. I work with any problems related to fertility eg. polycystic ovary, endometriosis, irregular periods, painful periods, recurrent miscarriage etc." ~ Holly

Holly works extensively with male and female infertility both independently and in conjunction with IVF clinics.

As recently reported in the Guardian newspaper:

"There is growing evidence that acupuncture can greatly increase a woman's chance of becoming pregnant."

You can read the full article here on the Guardian website

Causes of infertility may or may not be related to gynaecological conditions and Holly has had successes with treating 'unexplained' cases of infertility, working to optimise the patient's menstrual cycle, improve ovarian function and follicular development to ensure egg quality, and improve the quality and thickness of the endometrium substantially.